Directly helping American families

This summer, with public and our (Kapshur Labs) contributions totaling nearly $75,000, we directly provided financial lifelines to fifty families struggling across the nation during this especially difficult time. We listened to each family's story, and followed up with a $1500 check. Some had lost jobs or had reduced hours and pay, while others faced other challenges. These direct checks provided a much needed boost, and now having once again checked in with each family, they all have new jobs, increased pay, and better health. Of course, the pandemic still continues to make life difficult, but together, we made direct impact. We thank our generous contributors, and those who received our thank you pens should note much of them were made by some of the very same people we helped! Our US machinists were paid above industry-standard to produce the pens. 

We extend our deep gratitude to the many generous contributions from the public that helped us reach all these families!

These pens are also now available at our online shop and will continue to directly support US manufacturing jobs and the environment through our carbon-negative commitment.

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