Our Aggressive Environmental Commitment

Our Aggressive Environmental Commitment

Today marks the 81st National Aviation Day – and we’re excited to contribute to the future of a far greener aviation industry!

Today, we are also cementing our plan to become 100% carbon negative. To date, we have completely offset our direct carbon footprint, from travel, material transportation, utilities, and emissions from our engine test cycles. We didn't stop there: we offset twice our direct emissions. That makes our direct carbon footprint negative. This puts us well ahead of our previously set timeline.

By November 2020, our facility will run on 100% renewable electricity. Our entire supply chain will become carbon neutral by the end of this year, and carbon negative by mid 2021. We are actively working to eliminate sources of carbon emissions, while doubling down on offsetting those we cannot fully eliminate.

Every future technology that comes out of our work will be carbon negative over its entire lifecycle. It is extremely difficult to account for every single source contributing to a product's environmental impact, but it adds up, and so we commit to an inconvenient level of detail.

We prioritize using 100% recycled materials wherever possible, and factor the ease of recyclability into our development process. This further reduces our waste and carbon impact. That means avoiding plastics and other unsustainable materials.

Our ultra high efficiency aircraft engine technology is projected to save so much in fuel costs that the added cost of a 2X carbon offset will still put it well below the operating cost of next generation engines.

We are a small startup with a small supply chain. We support small suppliers that source and manufacture within the US. That makes it easier for us to aggressively implement these measures over a short timeframe and remain committed to it as we grow. Our costs to implement this plan now, in our infancy, is negligible. But more importantly, we have a responsibility to this planet and its inhabitants. We hope others will join us in committing to such aggressive action. The time to act is now!

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