Why is a pen relevant in 2020?

This is about more than a pen.

First off, we’re heading into arguably the most critical election in this nation’s history. And that means inking down votes en masse. The one technology that’s still the most secure is pen and paper.

Please make sure you’re registered, vote, and send in your ballot as soon as it arrives.

Grab any pen. You’re also welcome to one of ours, which reaches you within 3 business days typically, or sooner if you wish. Either way, please vote. This election is about who we are.

Secondly, this pandemic has forced everything online, which means way too much screen time and little real interaction. Consider taking some of your daily tasks, journaling, creative bursts, and any other activities offline.

The Pen

Ok, now why is this pen different? This pen was born out of frustration, after having tried many EDC (everyday carry) pens on the market. To be clear, this post isn’t to bash others. While they have beautiful designs, elaborate mechanisms, and even simple ones, I found they took away from the writing experience. Often times, they came at a premium price tag of at least $70 if not crossing the $100 mark. Now these price ranges are likely geared toward collectors. But I was after a run-and-gun, economic, ergonomic, smooth, reliable, durable, all-metal pen made from 100% salvaged/recycled material with carbon-negative manufacturing, made almost entirely in the USA by workers paid above industry-average. Oof. That’s a hefty list. But after a year of patiently working back-and-forth through the process, I believe I arrived at a close match. I don’t say perfect, because nothing is perfect, but it comes very, very close. And I’m very happy with it. I use it daily, because the pure joy of what feels like ice-skating words and more on paper, cannot be described, only experienced. To date, everyone I’ve heard back from have described the thoroughly enjoyable form and function.

our EDC pen

Now, at first glance, this pen appears straight forward, and that’s the intent. But every choice, from design, manufacturing, to user experience is a result of numerous iterations that balance out (literally, too) that long list of goals.

Our Priorities

Our top priorities are supporting US manufacturing jobs and the environment.

We pay our machinists above industry standard for their dedicated work. They graciously agreed to our elaborate environmental priorities explained below. This means more work for them, but we steadfastly compensate them for it. They deserve it, and so do their families.

Our pens are made from 100% salvaged aircraft metal. Over 90% of our pens are made with cold-worked metal, meaning no melting or reheating processes typical of traditionally recycled metals that burn additional fossil fuels. We form our pen barrels almost entirely by mechanically reshaping scrap metal from our jet engine prototype parts, as well as end-of-life material from American-made aircraft, thanks to our partners. Renewable energy is used to power manufacturing equipment where possible. We double down on carbon offsets for carbon emissions we cannot eliminate or control, including shipping. This makes it carbon-negative. We also use zero-plastics, 100% recycled US-made paper packaging. More on our aggressive environmental commitment can be found here.


The Design

The tapered aluminum barrel is optimized to balance the assembled center of mass while preventing the fingers from sliding down when writing. The media-blasted and anodized finish provides additional grip and scratch resistance.

The included Parker-style ink refill blends the smoothness of a rollerball and the convenience of a ballpoint.

The smooth cam action of the durable clicker gets you quickly to the job without fuss. The music-wire spring inside is perfect for years of clicking action, without fail.

The single-piece stainless steel clip effortlessly clips on for storage. Accidental over-extensions can be fixed by hand-bending back into shape. Ink refills, springs, clips, sealing rings, and clickers are available at our shop should they need replacement. We believe in fixing things instead of throwing away, and we make it easy and cost-effective.

Your hand doesn't know what it's missing!

All put together, this pen can be yours for just $29.99. That’s right.

To thank our nation's active military members, veterans, and their families, we offer 15% off any order.

By sharing this, and perhaps purchasing our pen, you directly support US manufacturing jobs, livelihoods, and environment that matter. Treating people and the environment fairly isn't an 'option.' It's basic decency. And we believe you’ll enjoy the experience, too. Thank you.

And once again, remember to vote!

Written by Kapila Chandramouli

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