Kapila, founder

Why not?

That about sums it up. Really. We're a small group of rebellious engineers, young, old, and everything in between. We ideate, design, build with people-first, environment-first principles, under budget. Kapshur Labs was founded by mechanical engineer Kapila Chandramouli in 2018. We strive to put public good above all else.



Began investigating independent communication aides for kids with Down Syndrome in the nonverbal spectrum.

Won long-term funding to develop a unique hybrid-composite cycle turbine projected to burn 75%+ less fuel over next-gen engines. We're building a radical bridge to aviation's clean future.


Raised $75K to help working-class American families hit hard by the pandemic. Thank you to generosity of the public and our team members! 

Committed to aggressive environmental action; operations, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain becomes 100% carbon-negative by 2021.

The future is bright!