Introducing the KM15!

Meet our thumb-size cardioid condenser microphone, packing a smooth response and low noise, thanks to our interdisciplinary work in acoustics and high-efficiency jet propulsions. Now available for pre-orders in XLR 48V phantom and 3.5mm TRS PIP variants. Designed and built in USA of U.S. and imported materials.

  • Compact

    Thumb-size and light for unobtrusive sound capture and ease of transportation

  • Quiet & Smooth

    A surprisingly low self-noise and smooth response for a 15mm microphone

  • Affordable

    A high performance to cost ratio package, mounting hardware and windscreen included!

  • Precision

    Meticulously built and tested in the USA with quality U.S. and imported materials

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Welcome to Kapshur Labs!

Our work focuses on high performance to cost ratio solutions in acoustics and jet propulsion systems.